Things to remember for PUBG

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a game that, despite its early access status, has gained a large following due to its gameplay mechanics.

With that quick intro out of the way, here are a few things to keep in mind to get closer to that chicken dinner.


  • Check your corners. Use lean while holding the right mouse button to change your view from left to right. (Default key: Q and E respectively.)
  • When exploring, check every window before entering, and if you’re the one hiding keep away from them if you think someone’s close.
  • Use freelook to check your surroundings without having your character move, your legs popping out tend to give your position away. (Default key: Left alt.)
  • While in a squad/duo game, make sure to be aware of where your teammate/s are. Lest you assume that those footsteps are your teammates and you wind up dead. In a solo game, however, trust no one.
  • As fun as it may seem, don’t ram your teammate’s vehicle. You’ll wind up bugging out and probably fly.
  • Keep an eye on that minimap and know the basics.

    1. Denotes the time til the blue zone starts moving, if it’s moving it turns into an exclamation like above.
    2. This is the blue zone, you’d want to stay away from that because it’ll damage you more and more as the number of players alive decline. This is shown on the full map as a blue circle.
    3. This is your position relative to the blue zone and the white “safe” zone.
    4. This is the “safe” zone, I put it in quotes because every who wants to kill you will likely be in this zone. It’s shown on the full map as a white circle.
    5. This is the shortest path to take to get into the safe  zone.
    Keep these in mind if you don’t want to die like


  • When you’re running around and you get shot from afar, do NOT go prone. Find cover immediately because going prone simply makes you an easier target.
  • Watch your flanks, especially on squad games. You never know where their other member could be.
  • When you down someone on a duo/squad game, do NOT turn your back on them. Reload, breathe, and watch that corner.


  • ALWAYS use drag and drop to pick up loot. It bypasses the pickup animation, and might be removed in a future update. So for now love it while it lasts. #hugot
  • Clear an area before looting your kill, you never know what’s around the corner.
  • Move around while looting, do not make yourself an easy target to pick be it prone or crouching. This sort of movement also applies when using healing items or boosts.

ALSO, remap your keybinds. PUBG’s default keybinds might be iffy for you so set them to what you prefer.

That covers most, if not all, of the things to remember in PUBG.

Good luck; have fun. And I’ll see you on the battlegrounds.

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