Stranger Things: The Game (no spoilers)

Season 2 is nearly out! But if you want to spoil yourself a bit, BonusXP just released “Stranger Things : The Game” on mobile.

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things just tweeted about their new game last October 4

This Dungeon Crawl, Retro RPG game won’t follow the story of the series, developers said.
You can download the game here:
App Store:
Google Play:

The game features quests such as collecting VHS tapes that will unlock an exclusive trailer for the upcoming new season.

You play as Chief Hopper at the beginning and eventually unlock other characters and possibly a new character that we’ve never seen before which will be released when Season 2 is out.

Each individual character has their own abilities that plays important role into the game.
You can find or buy items to upgrade your characters to suit your needs.

Collect Heart Pieces to boost your max HP, every 4 heart piece is +1 to your maximum HP. You can find them in some dungeons or earn them from side quests.

Collect all gnomes and trade it for items!

And find those Eggos and VHS tapes to unlock Eleven and the exclusive trailer!

Once you’ve unlocked Eleven, she can be played in a new game at the beginning!

The game has 4.9 rating on Google Play and tons positive reviews

The game takes 6-7 hours to complete,  it’s not bad for a mobile game. The game is fun, I got so into it!

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