How to improvise a Mic for your PC

No microphone? No problem.

Disclaimer: I’m using the word “improvise” very loosely on this guide because this is a bit niche.

A lot(?) of games these days play better with voice chat and since some of us are either too lazy/”kuripot” to spend on a headset/mic combo. Yes, I am well aware that discord IS available on android and iOS but you can’t really play with two sets in your ears right? Which is why I’m here to show you how to “improvise” one.

So for this you’ll need two things:
– An android or iOS device
– An aux cord


  1. Download and install a mic to speaker app onto your device like Microphone Free for iOS or Microphone for android. (These are not the only apps available, it’s up to you to find which works best for you)
  2. After you’ve installed your chosen application, it’s time to connect your phone to your PC via aux cord into the mic in port.
  3. Adjust the app settings to suit your mic placement/voice volume and reduce static noise.

    (Which I’ll be showing using the android app linked earlier)

    The slider on the top labelled “Microphone Gain” basically adds volume into what it receives, this generates a lot of static and we’ll shove that into zero every time we have the chance.
    The slider on the right is the output volume, where you set that is up to you so don’t hesitate to test it out first. We don’t wanna kill other headphone users now do we? (Also make sure to refrain from turning on the switch on the app before plugging the phone in, unless you want your ears to bleed then you do you fam.)

  4. Adjust your PC’s microphone settings, start off by right clicking the volume control and opening “Recording Devices”

    Another right click on “Microphone” into properties

    Then head into the levels tab and you’ll see something similar to the one on the app

    Same as earlier we don’t want the boost messing with our audio, and the volume is up to you.
  5. Good luck, have fun, and try not to yell at all your teammates….too much 😉

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  1. Domb says:

    Man! I wish I knew this before! Thank you, Peenoise Realm! I am a Peenoise, too.

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