How to install PUBG from scratch

As the amount of people who play PUBG increases, the amount of people interested in the game also grows with it This article is a guide on how to install PUBG from scratch,  as well as addressing concerns on scammers and how to avoid them.

1.) You will need to Sign-up and download Steam. (You can skip this step if you already have Steam installed)

Steam is an online game platform where you can play various games besides PUBG like DOTA2, CS:GO, GTA V, etc,.

steam logo

Sign-up here:

Download it here:


2.) After verifying your account thru e-mail and installing Steam,

Open the application, Log-in and go to the Store tab and search for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or click this link to go to PUBG’s store page.

add to cardClick Add to Cart, then ‘Purchase for myself‘ or ‘Purchase as a gift‘ if you plan on giving it to your friends. After that, you will be redirected to the Payment Info page.

3.) There are multiple ways to top-up and pay your games on Steam:


A.) Mastercard and Visa:  your ATM and Debit card works as well as long as they have the Mastercard and/or Visa logo on it so check your cards!

B.) Paypal: after selecting, you will be prompted to a new window where you will log-in your Paypal credentials, easy as that!

C.) Paymaya: Follow the steps from Paymaya’s offical website and here are the list of Paymaya’s loadup centers.(I recommend this one for those who do not have a Mastercard or Visa)

D.) DataBlitz: Go to any DataBlitz store, tell the cashier that you want to buy Steam Wallet, then they will ask you how much (they only sell $15, $30, $50, $60 codes + Tax)

E.) Ask your local computer shops: TNC, Mineski and other local computer shops would sometimes have Steam Wallet Codes on stock so do not hesitate to ask the cashie, there’s no harm in asking!

F.) External Websites:

G.) From trusted SWC(Steam Wallet Code) retailers: I really do not recommend this as there are multiple ways to ensure a secure funding for your Steam accounts and you are too vulnerable to scams thru this method. Only do this if it’s on-site where you can verify the steam code and return it on-site if the code does not work. It is not necessary to give the seller your credentials.

4.) Voila~ Now you have PUBG, time to download the game!

  •  Before buying PUBG, make sure your PC or the PC unit on the computer shop you are playing at can handle the game.  pubg min requirements

To know your specifications, click your Start Menu -> Search bar -> type DXDIAG

  • A Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator App nonetheless should be a requirement. Every time someone logs-in your account, they will be prompted to input a code from your Mobile authenticator. This is very important to ensure nobody gets into your account except for you. This is not only useful for log-ins but also works for verifying Steam trades and selling items on the Steam Market. Click this link on steps how to set up your Steam Guard
  • Do not trust anyone with your Steam credentials. Avoid inquiries with SWC with dummy accounts on Facebook, keep your guard up because there are scammers everywhere and no amount of whining will help you retrieve your account.
  • If you see people posting “Selling PUBG account”, it means they’re selling the steam itself, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. They can easily retrieve the account thru e-mail, no matter how much the discount is, do not fall for it. There is another instance where people are offering top up services where you need to give them your credentials in order to buy PUBG, that is NOT true. 


For more questions and inquiries, Please leave a comment down below.

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